Product description

The new improved Solaris Duo is truly a genious. Super easy to transport, it stores inside a portable case with extendable handle and wheels.
  • 40000 lumen light output / 50m beam
  • 2 telescopic extension poles reaching up to 1.9m
  • Swivel and tilting heads
  • Built in stability feet for extra solidity
  • Can be assembled in seconds


50Ah Li-ion
Product code: NSSOLARISDUO20K-LI-ION-50
40,000 | 20,000 | 8,000 | 4,000
50 | 37.5 | 25 | 12.5 metres
Rechargeable 50Ah Lithium-ion battery
3 | 6 | 12 | 24 hours
Rated IP67
(L)300mm x (H)248mm x (D)58mm
(L)570mm x (H)380mm x (D)280mm

Benefits of High Performance Lithium-ion

The Solaris range of products utilises the benefits of Lithium-ion technology, the batteries are robust, lightweight and maintenance free meaning that you can be sure to consistently get the best light output throughout the products life span.

  • Lightweight battery
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Protection PCB switches off preventing deep discharge
  • Maintenance free rechargeable battery
  • Green technology with virtually zero carbon emissions
  • Designed to minimise your impact on the environment

The best replacement for generator-powered halogen lights: fully portable, emits no noise and runs cool, making it safe for confined spaces.

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