Product description

Galaxy E-Pro Rechargeable Work Light

  • 3500 lumen output / wide floodlight beam of 30 meters
  • Up to 12hrs on dimmable mode
  • Features a convenient storage at the back for the mains charger
  • Adjustable light angle to suit any needs

2 models available depending on runtime required:  Galaxy E-Pro (6.6Ah li-ion) and Galaxy Pro (13.2Ah li-ion)

Follow the link to see the Galaxy Pro drop test:


Galaxy E-Pro
Product code: NSGALAXY-E-PRO
3500 I 1750
30 I 15 Metres
7.4V 6.6Ah Li-ion Battery
12 Max Hours
6 hours Charging Timehrs
2 Metre Impact Resistance
  • 1.7m Tripod
  • 12/24V Vehicle Charger

Powerful. Robust. Designed for industrial applications using the toughest composite materials.

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