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Lighting the Future


NightSearcherTM are a leading British Company specialising in the design and manufacture of LED lighting solutions from their Head Office in Hampshire, England, has recently launched ProStar, the company’s most powerful search and floodlight yet for the emergency services sector.

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Air Gunner Magazine - NEW KIDS ON THE LAMP

A phone call from a very polite lady, recently, introduced me to yet another brand of lamping systems: NightSearcher. A quick look at their website showed me that they make all kinds of lighting for many situations, plus they have a dedicated rifle lamp that they wanted to be reviewed

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Electrical Times Product review - Galaxy Pro, Galaxy 2400

David Savery of David Savery Electrical Services tests NightSearcher’s Galaxy-Pro rechargeable LED Floodlight, and the Galaxy 2400 LED rechargeable light to see if a combination of LED and battery technology can keep you fully powered out on the job.

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Auto Express StarBooster test

Dash cams were 2016’s hot buys, but mini jump starters weren’t far behind. Various models were launched in the UK, and we try two of the latest: the StarBooster from NightSearcher and the Suaoki U2.

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Professional Builder is awash with light this month as we have three NightSearcher LED lights on test. There are so many great benefits with LED and now that halogen is being phased out a lot of trades will be looking for a replacement. LED, not only uses less power it is brighter and whiter. It is also cool to the touch so you don't risk scorching the surroundings.

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Rating: **** ( 4 Stars) There’s definitely a resemblance between out contenders as they share the same revolving and hinged base. They also have a similar hook and base, as well as rear-mounted magnets that can easily hold the weight of the lamp, making it simple o be able to get light just where you need it, leaving the hands free to work.

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Lighting expert NightSearcher has moved into the automotive world with a new range of products. The four-strong line-up provides an array of solutions for several situations

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Light tool for all the conditions

Zone 0 Atex right angle flashlight 270 Lumens output 2 Light modes high | low Running time 6.5hrs high 13hrs low Air free heat sink design to enhance led heat dissipation Suitable for use in Zone 0 area UL, ATEX and IECEx Gas pressure release valve Stainless steel belt / pocket clip

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Do I have to discharge the battery before recharging it?

No. Routinely running the lamp until it exhausts the battery will reduce the life of the battery. Lead acid batteries need to be kept fully charged, especially when they are to be stored for long periods. When in storage, we recommend they are recharged every 3 months. If the battery is left in a discharged state for more than 2 weeks, it will damage the capacity of the battery and may then need to be replaced.

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Li-ion Technology

The surging popularity of consumer electronics has expanded the spectrum of battery application to a new level, and Lithium-ion batteries, with high energy intensity, light weight and long service life, has become one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronic devices.

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