HazStar - 2-in-1 Rechargeable LED Hazard Warning Light and Work Light


Dual Purpose Hazard Warning Light and Work Light

Rechargeable LED Warning Triangle with Work Light

Lighting Modes | NightSearcher

2 Light Modes

Lumens | NightSearcher

2000 Lumens at full power

Battery Runtime | NightSearcher

Up to 5hrs

Adjustable Focus Beam | NightSearcher

Work Light & Hazard Warning Light

IP Rating | NightSearcher

IP65 Rating

Power Source | NightSearcher

Rechargeable Power Supply

The NightSearcher HazStar is a 2-in-1 hazard warning light with a built-in worklight. Ideal for alerting oncoming traffic of an emergency or incident, the HazStar can also be used to illuminate a work area - perfect for changing tyres or any other road-side repairs.

The HazStar is the ideal companion for any roadtrip and should be kept inside every vehicle in case of an emergency. With super-bright, rear facing red LEDs the HazStar is a modern-day hazard warning triangle. With up to 100 metres visibility and 9 hours battery runtime, the HazStar will increase your safety by making you visible to other road users. 

The rear red lights can also be removed from the device and secured to your vehicle with their built-in magnets.

The front-facing LED worklight projects a powerful 2000 lumens wide beam that's perfect for illuminating your vehicle in time of repair - whether in the garage or on the roadside. The rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 6 hours illumination and also carries enough power to charge your mobile phone via its built-in powerbank feature.

Key Features

  • Front-facing work light
  • Rear-facing red hazard warning lights
  • Power bank facility to charge your mobile device
  • Rear red lights can be removed and magnetically placed around a broken down vehicle
"A brilliant detail in the HazStar is that it’s rechargeable, so as long as you have engine power, you can’t get caught out. It has a red hazard light that shines in the traditional triangle shape to let other drivers know you’re broken down, and can also work as a regular work light to brighten an area whilst you check on your car. I would feel much safer knowing this work light was in my car’s box of emergency supplies."
Supplied With
  • USB Charging Cable
Modes Work Light: High | Medium | Low / Hazard Lights: Flashing
Lumen Work Light: 2000 lumens at full power
Beam Distance Work Light: Up to 15m / Hazard Lights: Up to 100m
Run time Work Light: Up to 6 hours | Hazard Lights: Up to 9 hours.
Power source Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
Charging time 5hrs
Size 255x90x34mm
Weight 956g


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