Sigma RA35 - Smart, High-Powered LED Safety Lamp with Folding Head


New High-Powered LED Safety Lamp with Folding Head

400 Lumens, Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable LED Lamp with Adjustable Lamp Head

400 Lumens

The NightSearcher SafATEX Sigma RA35 is a versatile safety light with twin, high-powered LED lamps, and a digital counter display in minutes and hours.

Conforming to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and relevant EMC regulations, the Sigma RA35 is also approved for use within motor vehicles, and is certified for use in gas and dust environments.

With a built-in emergency light feature, the SafATEX Sigma RA35 is ready to go at a moments notice. It features an intellegent microprocessor and charging circuit allowing it to be left on charge continously, without any risk to the battery life or performance.

The lamp head can rotate through a full 180 degrees for optimium illumination, and can be attached to protective clothing with its integrated clip. The large, rotatary switch also allows for easy operation with thick gloves on two.

Performance is built into the Sigma RA35 - the 3.7V 5Ah lithium battery powers the safety lamp up to 400 lumens, projecting a 180 metre beam for up to 10 hours at full power. Rotate through 3 lighting modes including combined Focus and Scattered mode.

Key Features:

  • Intrinsically safe, rechargeable and adjustable LED hand lamp
  • Twin, high-powered LED lamps
  • High-performance battery with high lumens output and long runtimes
  • Non-flammable, impact resistant construction
Supplied With
  • AC charger + USB cable and charging base
Lumen 380 lumens (High) | 300 lumens (Medium) | 135 lumens (Low)
Beam Distance 300 metres at full power
Modes High | Medium | Low | Flashing
Run time 4 hrs (High) | 5 hrs (Medium) | 10 hrs (Low)
Charging time 9 hours
Power source 3.7V 5Ah (5000mAh) 18.5Wh 3.7V
IP 380 lumens (High) | 300 lumens (Medium) | 135 lumens (Low)
Weight 600 grams
Size 237x105x77mm


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